What it is. Freshly smoked sliced chicken breast jerky inspired by recipes from around the world.


What's in your hand. Le Coq.
Jerky smoked in a French Provence Style. Flavour profile: Smokey with floral aromas of Herbes de Provence.


Who we are. Smoked Chicken Jerky is a traditional Ukrainian Snack. As soon as you order a drink in Ukraine chances are you will be offered it. 

Our family brought it to people of the UK as it is too good not to share! All our Jerky flavours are inspired by our family travels and incredible international cuisines.


Nutritional value per 50 g of product:
Energy 146 kcal
Protein 27 g
Fat 2.5 g (of which saturates 0.65 g)
Carbohydrates 4.5 g (of which sugars 4.5 g)


Pack Value: 50 g

*This product is made with 100% chicken breast



"Le Coq" French Provence Jerky

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