5 Craft Smoked Jerkies :


Cluck Norris American Cheeseburger Jerky (50g)

Smoked Chicken Jerky, inspired by the original American Cheeseburger. 

Made with a secret recipe from the USA.


Tandoori Hot Indian Jerky (50g)

Smoked Chicken Jerky made with Aromatic blend of fresh masalas from India. Celebrating India's majestic flavours.


Cluckropolis Greek Street Food Souvlaki Jerky (50g)

Smoked Chicken Jerky made with Greek Souvlaki spices.

Made with a traditional fresh herbs and pink peppercorns from Greece. Opa!


Oriental Soy, Sesame and Wasabi Jerky (50g)

Smoked Chicken Jerky with warm Oriental spices of East Asia. Made with Korean Wasabi, Honey, Soy and crunchy Sesame Seeds.


Le Coq French Provence Jerky (50g)

Smoked Chicken Jerky, French Provence style. 

Made with finest Herbs de Provence from the South of France.


1 Collectable Coaster.

I'll have one of each flavour (PACK OF 5)

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